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Rich Verdure of Lingyan Litang and Changqingchun Keer Temple Shicheng mountain Zechawa gully Jiiuzhaigou Valley Chenresig, Jampelyang, Chanadorje
Baoguo Temple
Introduction The Baoguo Temple is the first temple o­ne meets along the mountain way and str
Qingyin Pavilion
Introduction Qingyin Pavilion is in the middle part of Mt. Emei. It is no exaggeration to say th
Wannian Temple
Introduction Wannian temple is o­ne of eight important temples in Emei mountain, it is about
Fuhu temple
Introduction At the foot of Fohu Hill, Fohu Temple is located o­ne kilometer west of Baoguo
Golden Summit
Introduction The highest part of Emei Shan is the 3077-m-high Golden Summit, also called Qianfo
Elephant Bathing Pool
Introduction The Elephant Bathing Pool, originally named Chuxi Pavilion.The Elephant Pool is a h
Wanfo summit
Introduction   Wanfo (Ten Thousand Buddha) Summit, known as the highest peak o­n the mo
The saint statue of Shifang Puxian
Introduction Mt. Emei is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Puxian, also known as Samantabhdra, the ri
Hongchun Terrace
Introduction Hongchun terrace is nestled among gren hills, and surrounded by tall, old-age, well
Natural ecological monkey area
Introduction One almost instantly thinks of monkeys when he thinks of Emei Mountain. Emei monkey
Leidong Terrace
Introduction The Leidong Terrace was originally built in the Han Dynasty and had the name Thor H
Rich Verdure of Lingyan
 Introduction Lingyan Temple was used to stand between the southwest and Gao Qiao, about wh
Double bridges clear sound
Introduction Double bridges clear sound is o­ne of ten traditional sights in Emei mountain,
Beamless brick hall
Introduction The beamless brick hall is the second hall of Wannian temple. It is built Ming dyna
Shengji evening bell
Introduction It is the o­nly humanistic sight of ten traditional sights in Emei mountain. It
Qingyin flat lake
Introduction Qingyin flat lake is o­ne of ten new sights in Emei mountain. It is located in
Clear clouds on Luo peak
Introduction The clear clouds o­n Luo peak is o­ne of ten traditional sights in Emei mou
Mt. Emei
Geographic LocationMout Emei is located in Leishan City,about 154 kilometers from Chengdu,the ca
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